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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Schoharie Valley is a Blessed Area

Dear ALL -

Man, it is absolutely crazy that I have been here for an entire transfer already! And that I have been out now for 2 months! It is seriously unreal. But yes, you and your insider information was correct. Elder Miller is leaving tomorrow to Malone (way north)! He's going to be a DL up there following in a sweet missionary's shoes who is going home i guess. So I am staying here in Schoharie and Elder Lyman is going to be my new companion! He has been out a little over a year I was told, should be great. Missionaries have told me that with your second companion there are often some ruffles just because I'm not "used" to doing the work with someone else or "his style." I really look forward to it though it should be a great time, and obviously I know the area better than he so I will have to step up and lead out! There were tons of changes too with our zone combining with another and now I'll be in a District with Elders from 2 new areas so everything will be new, basically! ha. But I'm just going to continue to try to do the things the Lord would have me do and what He has asked me to do, and He will provide. We were able to have President interviews on Saturday, too! He has us teach he and Sister Bulloch as if they were investigators. They're so loving and supportive and helpful. Wow. It was great talking with him personally. He talked a lot about the Transfer changes that were going on ("the call" was that night so we new first-hand and early). He gave me more information which was really nice to hear what he had to say and his take on things.

Schoharie Valley is a blessed area. Wow. We have been so blessed. We are planning on having a baptism this upcoming transfer, Lauren (wife of (previous) less-active). Such an awesome lady and family! Many others we have been so lucky to "find" (more like, have been placed right in our laps) are very awesome and close to being committed to baptism! I'll tell of one. There names are Amy and Monty, they went to SLC temple square a few months ago, had a great time with Sister Missionaries there. We knocked on their door, planned a return appointment. When we came back the Sisters from SLC called them and asked if it'd be ok if Elders came by- and they answered we already had. So awesome. They're Methodist currently which is the absolute chillest and are letting us teach and stuff so they're awesome. A great family as well that will surely build the Kingdom of God. Ha, we met this guy Jeremy who is a character; he firmly believes in leprechauns, holy oyster pearls, and cow insemination and how this all relates to our resurrection. He's awesome, it's fun teaching him - who knows where that will lead at this point, you never know what the Lord has in store. We have these people with soft baptismal commitments: Haylee (17), Kim (male, 40's). It is incredible how much good there is here. It's crazy the average Elder has 4 baptisms in the Utica mission. (not that numbers are of upmost importance but that was pretty interesting when I heard that).

Well happy birthday to dad! You're officially OLD! I hope you have a great day. And thank you so much Papa and Nana for the incredible package you sent me! The bacon and Cummings goodies were amazing! That's incredible about President Eyring, oh my goodness! I've been sleeping very well. Our apartment is actually quite nice, and especially compared to some of the other Elders' places. We didn't tract too much this transfer but it depends where we are how we do it. We've walked with houses really close, walked when a little more rural and have driven to individual houses when spaced out more.

Can I get the scripture mastery rip out cards from all 4 years? (white with history on one side, scripture on the other). And I wouldn't ever turn down more ties. Silk are totally fine unless it's raining really hard which it hasn't much since I've been here! And the backpack never came, but if they haven't sent it that's fine don't worry about it - I'm good with this one. Send me any music you can - it's the best. Hymns, renditions, and Motab (but not showtunes or stuff like that). E. Miller has good music and is leaving sadly, so anything would be good. You can go on my itunes and buy some or something. Send spiritual things (temple pictures, etc) or whatever other random stuff toys or whatever, I'm good on food for now, thanks. Oh and I please need more contacts. Perhaps like a year supply? Not more than that

I hope you enjoyed the package, I just don't want to have too much stuff (Elder Miller is having that problem as he's packing today). Yeah the daily planners are fun! ha.

I apologize this email is so scattered and all over the place but just know that things are going well here, I look forward to the changes, and I love you all so much and I am so grateful for the love and support that you give me! You're all amazing. This work is so divine and so real and so powerful! Trust Him!

Keep in touch.

I love you,

Elder Christensen

Michael with Sister Cox (from his MTC district) and Sister Zwick who serve in Paige and Ben's Branch in Ithaca.
Michael is reunited with his MTC district at the
"Return and Report" day.
Elder Christensen & Elder Shurtz - MTC comps

Michael talked Elder Miller into eating a "double down" sandwich from KFC....gross

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