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Monday, August 9, 2010

People just falling into our laps

Hey everybody!

I can't believe school is starting already! Wow, and awesome for Ste to be in the Moore club, she was awesome. I am happy to hear that the big 5-0 birthday day and events went well! It will be funny to see that book when I come home, haha! And I am very glad youth conference was awesome! That is so crazy you guys just did that! I'm sure the youth loved it and it was a great experience for everyone. That is hilarious Mom is going to Florida! Awesome the Jennings are getting that house, seriously wow. Awesome that Paige is having sisters over Wednesday probably, that's sweet. It's so weird to think that there are newer newbies out here than me! haha! The scripture mastery cards I want are sold as a sheet of paper-ish then you rip them into little cards (with scripture on one side, history stuff on the other), typically at Deseret Book or something like that. Music: you can get efy songs if they're in the green hymn book or children's (renditions, obviously). .. Just anything that invites the Spirit and is a hymn - or obviously a motab appropriate song. Yeah my contacts have been weird. Before you order the same ones see if there is a better kind for humid climates or if that would affect them? They've been bugging my eyes more than normal, and more quickly when I switch out to new ones.

But it is great here in Schoharie Valley! I'll be honest I was a little nervous "leading out" the area only being here 6 weeks and getting a new companion. But I can truly say I have been strengthened from the Lord and He is definitely there helping the work go forward. Elder Lyman is sweet! He's from Spokane, Washington. We can relate on a lot of levels - snowboarder, grew up in church, lived in SLC for a year before he came out - and it's awesome! I've heard multiple times your second companion can be the toughest because you've never been with someone else and seen the work done differently, etc. But I think it will be great here. He's an awesome missionary and able to talk with whomever, it's sweet. We talked about the importance of being diligent and obedient in order to have the Spirit and make the Lord's work go forth His way, so we're committed to really focusing on that! We're able to be really open with each other already and it's going to be great I anticipate. He's really excited to be here! The work here is incredible. I didn't realize we have the biggest ward in the mission, 170ish people! We're working with the members a lot. Or trying to focus on it. The first day with E. Lyman we had rain rain rain and we were out tracting kind of off a highway without jackets or umbrellas, it was hilarious! And seriously so much fun!

We're teaching families. We're teaching people that will build the kingdom, it's crazy! Amy and Monty (50's) are awesome, we're planning on seeing them tonight at 6 so that's way exciting! They're sweet people! We are so happy to have the chance to teach them. We went to a Lady's house named Margaret (40-50's) who we tracted into and we were able to sit down with her and talk for a bit. She's absolutely golden! Asking for more stuff to read and setting up a time when we can come back! Last night we stopped by a potential investigator, Tanya (40's) I had met briefly who I guess was taught a little bit before I got here and we were able to sit with her! It was a great gospel conversation and we were able to build a solid relationship and trust, and make a return appointment. Then when we got in the car afterward Elder Lyman said he could hear the words "baptize her, baptize her" in his ear like he had never heard before! So awesome! We have so many other solid potential investigators like that that are so awesome and we're so excited to hopefully teach!

We set a man Kim with a baptismal date 9/18 and he was at church yesterday. Also the Dutchers are awesome, planning on that date too and with Brother Dutcher being able to baptize his wife!! Such a sweet family. We have others still really ready and close for a date too. And we're continuing to see many miracles every day here! People just falling into our laps. It's amazing. I wish I had the time to tell every detail but just know it's absolutely incredible!!

I apologize if I left anything out; we found some sick typewriters in our apartment so I can write a little more now, perhaps, as it won't take as long (hopefully if I can figure it out). But I love you all so much and thank you so much for all of your love and support! Keep being awesome everyone and put your trust in Him.

Much love,

Elder Christensen

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