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Monday, August 16, 2010

An epiphany....

The new companionship -
Elder Christensen and Elder Lyman

Proof that Elder Christensen is in Schoharie Valley

Hello everyone,

I can't say enough how much I love hearing from all of you! It is so awesome to hear all (or, really, a fraction) of what's going on with people's lives! What Ste said blew my mind: I'm already 10% done? What? It definitely feels like I've been here for some time but still, that's unreal. Awesome the missionaries were over to Paige & Ben's in Ithaca - that cracks me up so much. Dang. And the Jennings that's awesome about moving and Jacksy! Ste is in 5th grade. I can't remember a LOT from my 5 grade experience and he's already there. Jeeze. Yeah that's awesome Mom got to talk to Sister Bulloch. She is hilarious, I love her to death. I talked to her before she called you so I knew that was happening, awesome though! ha, there are so many connections it doesn't even feel like I am as "disconnected" as I guess I really am - which is sweet. I got the package! Thanks so much it was awesome! Sweet cd, awesome tie, YC shirt was cool, and the supplies and stuff are great too. I have no clue about the backpack - mystery beyond understanding, ha. Mine is fine though. Yep, appointment at Wally Marts today at 12:30 for my eyes, we will get it figured out. Start looking into what journal you want my next volume to be. The missionary one I have now is sick, it just has all the stuff at the beginning (mtc experience, setting apart, etc) that I won't need so either a different one or the same is fine just i won't use that part again. You won't need to send that until the next package at least but something to start thinking about. I'll send my memory card to you guys, there are some cool pictures I think on there, it'll go out tomorrow. And I am set for bacon for now, thank you so much Papa and Nana :).

The work is moving forward. To be honest this week was a little tougher. Many of our appointments fell through, we were dropped by a couple solid investigators (moving, or going back to old church, etc), and often found ourselves tracting in the wet heat. But we persevered and did our best and certainly saw blessings for our efforts later! We had the chance to teach a less-active part-member (husband only) family! Wow. The wife has a Christian background but isn't set and they have a 13 year old daughter and 5 year old son. They're truly a choice family that can build the kingdom! We had an incredibly Spirit-felt lesson with them Wednesday night; we taught the Restoration. We were able to connect so well with them. At first we were just sitting with the parents then I felt prompted to get everyone together when we started teaching, turns out that was really inspired. The daughter in the past was their stumbling block in not getting back into looking into the church and stuff and she really liked it this time for whatever reason and is super into it (we got a call from them last night confirming what we wanted them to read so they'd do it right and stuff). I wish I could tell all that happened but it was incredible! We're seeing them Wednesday night again and I can't wait! Lauren is going to be baptized here soon - by her husband! We're working with him to get ordained a Priest so he can do it! So incredible, they're so awesome! Kim who has a baptismal date we couldn't see this week and seemed kinda sketched out about stuff after church last week (teachers going off on stuff about the temple, kind of interesting for an investigator) so hopefully we can resolve his concerns and keep him going. We're teaching Amy and Monty (the SLC visit people) tonight; couldn't be more excited. Everyone else is progressing and doing well, there are 16 people in our teaching pool at the moment which is pretty sweet.

I had an epiphany yesterday sitting in church. I realized I've grown up with these beliefs my whole life; and they were essentially just that beliefs. Or just ideas or concepts. That yes I believed and found comfort in but they were abstract in a sense. It hit me really hard for whatever reason that recently and hopefully continually, these beliefs are becoming a reality. It's just real, or becoming more and more real. It's really awesome. God, literally, is there. Christ, literally, lives and wants to help us. We, literally, can have eternal life. That may sound stupid but it really struck me yesterday. Also, E. Lyman said something that an apostle came to our mission several years ago and said that this mission is 2nd hardest (to Russia). Meaning hardest in the sense of people receptivity and the hardness of their hearts. It hasn't seemed that way so far in my experience but that's crazy if it's true. We're doing great and just trying to be better, work harder, and always be obedient.

I love you all so much and truly appreciate your support, kind words, and love so much. Your letters and emails mean so much. Please continue keeping me posted!

Love always,

Elder Christensen

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