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Monday, July 5, 2010

Life in Cobleskill, New York

Hello all-

Greetings from Cobleskill, NY! It is so pretty here! The weather has been great, not too hot or humid. And it is absolutely green all over the place. So different from Arizona, I love it. It was great to hear from you all. I will send my memory card in an envelope tomorrow so it'll get there, what, Friday or Saturday?

President Bulloch already knew about Paige and Ben when I got here. He loved it. He was surprised when I told them they had met Mom, haha. They are so nice, so awesome. In fact, I get to see them tomorrow at Zone Conference. We are driving (yes we have a car) to Albany tonight then there all day Tuesday for that. Then, we are doing an exchange so I'll be in Greenville Wednesday! Very exciting next few days, for things out of "the norm." We are fed very frequently, we sent the July calendar around at church yesterday! Haha, the people here for the most part are great.

Thank you so much for the package! That was so fun to get! It actually got here before the letter by a day, very funny. But it was so great thank you so much! Oh and Pomeroy's, yes great have them send the stuff that they have so we can make sure it is good. Also, I don't know how much short sleeve white shirts cost but if not too bad it would be great to have another one because that is all I wear now in the summer and I have 3 now, so I wear all 2 times but if something happens to one I cant wear it, etc. Just let me know, it isn't totally imperative but simply would be nice to have if it's an option. The down comforter is grreat and yes I found the blanket and sheets, just forgot - kind of busy to remember exactly what we did with it. I am going to send some stuff home in a bit, can I reuse a flat rate box you sent me, does the box itself cost anything?

I love getting letters between Mondays with updates and answers to things. It is unlikely I will send letters on Pday (unless you send me a personal one, there is seriously just so little down time). Pday we clean, email, write for a bit, and that's about it honestly. There is some fun stuff around here to do we may do in the next few weeks. I'm not sure about sending direct to the apartment. Elder MIller does and I think it is good, President probably just doesn't want stuff sent there if we get transferred and aren't there anymore. We have a letter to Elder Miller's old companion sent here. So toward the end of this 6 week period just be smart about it. How does stamping letters work for international mail? Nana, we cook and I am all for bacon if it can make it here. Thanks!

Now, the important stuff. So many exciting things have been happening in Schoharie Valley! We have been so blatantly blessed this past week it is crazy. All we can do is offer our thanks and gratitude and continue to put our shoulder to the wheel. We have a baptism on July 25! (The first since August of 2009). She is a 10 year old girl of a family of members, sweet girl, sweet family. Simply a blessing that we got to be involved in her process to enter the waters of baptism! Her name is Autumn. We have other great investigators who are so pure in heart and are seeking for the truth. We helped a lady named Debbie move on Saturday and long story short this will allow her to start over in her life. It is likely she will be set with a date and baptized soon (possibly her daughter too!). Last night Elder Miller and I were outside and a 17ish year old kid walked by and was essentially golden. He said he would read the whole Book of Mormon by Wednesday when we see him next. We think this was an answer to a prayer he had. Such a blessing! There are so many things each day, it is just so great. So many awesome experiences here! But the 4th was hard with people gone and stuff. But after we finished everything for the day we sat on our porch and ate halves of watermelon watching fireworks through tree leaves and branches! (while listening to Motab Spirit of America).

It is so awesome to be out here serving the Lord. I am getting more comfortable each day, it is certainly a process. I love it so much. Time is flying by, just another testimony not to waste one bit of time. I appreciate your prayers and faith in my behalf. It is so humbling to have this call, to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored Gospel. This work brings so much joy. Wow.

Keep writing and doing well back home! All your love and support means a lot!

I love you all so much - so much

Elder Christensen

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  1. Michael,
    You look like your doing great man. I enjoy reading your blogs, and keeping track on how you are doing.
    Hope all is well, and will hope to hear from you soon.
    Jp :)