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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On cloud 9

Dear All,

YAY! Congratulations to the Jennings Family and their new addition to the family! How exciting! Thanks for the awesome picture that you sent, Rachel!! I must say, though, that Ste hands down wins the award for actually informing me most about it all! So she was born Thursday morning? How long and heavy was she? She looks very healthy (and old, perhaps just with the open eyes in the picture!). How cool. I hope Mom is there helping out and having a great time; and that will be fun when Paige arrives, too. I think Paige and Ben are going to have a girl. I'm happy to hear Nana was able to go to her meeting this week; hopefully the doctor appointment this week brings good news. I got Mom's letter this week with the sheet on Premed information - I have yet to really look at it, is there anything about it I should know? Also, I bought new contacts and they should be arriving at home within the next week or two; the eye appointment last week went great. Sorry, in advance, this email will be short as we are lacking much time today. We have begun the transfer planning process today - it's so cool to see the Spirit work in these council sessions (and in events leading up to them) with President.
What a great week it has been. There are so many highlights but the most notable is our new investigator Anne. The week before this last week we went to a funeral of a member in the ward. We felt prompted to go early to the service, during the viewing portion. We felt it would be the best time to actually talk with people compared to when we all would be sitting listening to speakers and the program. This prompting lead to a great thing, meeting Anne - a friend of an active member in the ward, Jim. Anyway, we taught Anne with this member on Wednesday night and she is already preparing for baptism on the 26 of May! She came to church yesterday and was on cloud 9! So sweet, and we taught her again last night and it went very well. Saweet. Also this week going back to Albany was a blast. I love the people there so much. E Williams and I sang a duet in Sacrament meeting yesterday, which went very well. He's very talented and I just backed him up but we both felt really good about it. Also, a recent convert who I am very close with received the Melchezidek Priesthood yesterday! He was so touched by the Spirit and feeling so good. He also brought a friend to church we are excited about teaching this week. Oh, it's worth mentioning, President Bulloch said he woke up early in the night and thought about our former investigator, Gail. He feels prompted to invite her over for dinner and speak with her :). This week is going to be great, too. E Williams and I are going to each be working with a different missionary tomorrow here in our area (these missionaries' companions are going to the temple trip tomorrow). We'll be planning this next transfer throughout the week, teaching a bunch, and also we have Return and Report with the new missionaries and their trainers on Friday.
Well I hope you all are doing great. Thanks for all that you do for me.
Elder Christensen

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