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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter was great in Utica!

Michael's mom meets Lois, Kevin & his mom at the Mesa Easter Pageant
Dear everyone,
I hope everybody had a great Easter! What a great holiday it is. It's great to hear from you. I received the Sheffield's nice Easter surprise, thanks very much to them for that! Hopefully they all are doing well and had a good Spring Break! It's Spring break this week for the kids here. That's great that Nana has a new and easier boot to get somewhat around with. I'm happy to hear that the Easter traditions are still alive and well in the Christensen home, even if Ste is beginning to think he's too cool ;) ha. I'll never be too cool for those. What a joy it is that Mom finally met Lois! That picture of you all at the Easter Pageant is so amazing! How cool. Hopefully Lois enjoyed the pageant and meeting Mom as much as I can imagine she did.

Easter was great in Utica! We had Stake Conference which was a real treat. The Bulloch's spoke, as it is their last Stake Conference before they go (in the Utica stake). Sister Bulloch spoke about what it's like being the wife of a mission president; it was hilarious and great. In fact, one of the reasons it was so great is because I was featured in the talk, as I was referenced as an elder who was sprayed by a skunk at close range. Ha, it was a hit. Elder Williams and I put together some Easter cards for people we are teaching, hoping to teach, who help us out, etc. and went around delivering those and visiting with them. It amazes me how much people appreciate a simple, thoughtful act like that. The feeling of joy that comes as you see the recipient feel loved, thought of, and appreciated is priceless. This Easter wasn't without an Easter miracle, either. I may have mentioned in the past that Martin (the Mexican man and family; who stopped investigating not long ago) knows a woman from the ward. When he came to church he was surprised to see her there; they used to live in the same building until Martin moved across town. Anyway, this Sister from the ward had us signed up on the dinner calendar for Easter. When we called and confirmed she told us that she invited Martin and his kids over too! Ha, I had no idea how this would go but we hoped it'd be great. And it most certainly was great! We had an awesome meal outside on a picnic bench with this Sister and Martin (and the kids at the kids' table, ha). Martin is such a good guy. He was overwhelmed with a poor family situation but has since calmed down about it a bit. He wants to come to church again and sounds like he will allow us to come teach him and his family! It's great. One cool part of the story is that the sister who had us over for dinner had no idea about Martin stepping back from the church and investigating; so she invited him over and I am so grateful she did and it worked out. After we ate and talked we hid some eggs for the kids and they did a little egg hunt outside. Also, it was awesome yesterday we were invited over by the Puerto Rican family to eat and have a lesson. We had awesome arroz con gondules with pork. This family is so great and I'm very excited for their progression. Going to Rome was a good time this week; it's so fun seeing people again with whom you've grown close. Speaking of which, we are going to Albany this week for our last district meeting trainings and working with the Elders there. I'm very excited for that.

I hope that you all are doing great and know of my love and appreciation for you.

Elder Christensen

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