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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Puerto Rican food was a bad choice

Dear everyone,
Hello there. It's great to hear from you all. Things are progressing along nicely here in New York; and I'm happy that things sound to be doing the same in your various locations. How is everyone coming along with their Book of Mormon reading? I'm loving looking for references to Christ. One name I hadn't realized before that I particularly enjoy is the 'founder of peace'. Thanks for
looking into the school stuff. I'd be totally cool with doing online Byu independent studies in the summer. How many credits are the writing classes, average? And I don't know about the biology and all that, my major, etc. Is what you were saying, I need to have the classes I want to take in Fall decided by March/April? Keep me posted on all that; it's valuable info for me to know.
Also, any insight on working at the MTC? I would be fine with speaking my first Sunday back, too. Is it true that the Lewis' will be gone then? A trip to California afterward feels more reasonable than the others; I'm just excited to spend time together. I wouldn't be opposed to that idea. When would we leave?/get back?
The Zone Conference on the 21st is in Elmira - I was thinking it was in Ithaca. After the Conference we will be in Elmira working for the day/night and staying there and working in the morning. The next day, at some point, we will be traveling all the way to Potsdam for another Zone Conference on Thursday of that week. So maybe we could do lunch on that Wednesday, the
This new transfer is about upon us, crazy. Elder Miller is about out of here. I'll be serving with Elder McCleve, from Mesa. He only has one transfer left but I'm excited about it - it was very enjoyable being a part of the transfer planning process. This week has been craziness; it's been great though. Tuesday was fun with Elder Butler, he's a zone leader in Potsdam.
Gail, our investigator, is doing great still! We taught her with President Bulloch, sweet.
Yesterday was interesting, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick. Saturday night we went to a Puerto Rican restaurant which turned out to be a bad choice, ha. I thew up in the morning but knew that I needed to go to church regardless (with it being E Miller's last Sunday, Gail and other new people's first time we were expecting, etc). So I got through church and
I'm glad I went. Afterward, though, I knew I couldn't be up and about working - E Miller didn't want to be in his last 'full' day as a missionary nor cancel our he went out with a member all day and I stayed at the mission home under Sister Bulloch's watchful care and slept. The Bulloch's are so great.
This week ahead will be very fun. We're picking up the new missionaries tomorrow from the airport/being with them all night. Wednesday is transfer day which includes more training and being with lots of missionaries. And Friday is ZLC with the Zone leaders here. It's amazing amidst all of these other things we are doing we are still being blessed with lots of work. We had quite a few appointments fall through last week but some of them turned out to be a blessing
by freeing up some time, ha. Anyway, things are going great and I'm looking forward to what is ahead.
Thanks for all of your love and support! You are all the best.
Elder Christensen

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