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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nurse Michael

Michael with Elder Miller (on his right) his new companion and trainer and Elder Stratton (on his left) whom he trained.
Michael enjoying Thanksgiving Day

Dear everyone,
Happy 2012! It's pretty amazing that 2011 has already come and gone.It's been a great and quick year. Hopefully you all had a good one and are as optimistic as I am looking forward to the year ahead! I'm glad those in Mesa are having a good time together still. How cool. I'm looking forward to being in Ithaca tomorrow...ha should be great. I have yet to get a letter from Mom this week if she sent one. It was exciting to hear this week that Jordan Richardson is engaged!Congratulations to him! Awesome.
This week has been a good one and a different one. Elder Milller was sick the majority of the week with Benign Paroxymal Positional Vertigo. He was really dizzy and had difficulty getting around and stuff. It came on Tuesday evening and we came in to the apartment early that night and stayed in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Bizarre. I got a lot done, though, around the house! I was able to clean, get things organized, look through old investigator records, prepare our District Meeting training, and take care of Elder Miller. Above everything else, I've gained a greater appreciation for the role of mothers. What is most rewarding to me, though, is that serving someone like that - even in the 'home-maker' capacity - brings joy just like any other service. I found it very enjoyable actually, ha.
We had a great lesson on Tuesday with the family we found on Christmas. They're doing awesome. Then Saturday night E Miller went to the Mission Home with President and Sister Bulloch and I went out teaching that family with a member. It went really well. After that we taught another family we found on Monday whose first language is Keran (similar to Bermeese?). I don't remember the unique country that they're from. But it was cool they had friends over and we were able to teach them too! In order for them to understand we had to teach like we were teaching a child. Good experience and we're looking forward to seeing them again on Saturday night. Yesterday E Miller was feeling up to church so we went and had a good time there. I gave a brief 5 minute introduction of who I am and a message for the new year on finding joy in the journey/gratitude. After, the Bulloch's invited us to lunch over at their house and we had ribs and some other good things :). E Miller seems to almost be 100% and we're looking forward to start going around giving our training. Ithaca tomorrow, Carthage Wednesday, Potsdam and Plattsburgh Thursday. Should be fun! Thanks for all that you do for me! I love you all so much.
Love, Elder Christensen

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