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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ithaca is a beautiful city!

Dear everyone,
Hello! It's great to hear from you all. It's been a great week here in New York and I'm happy to hear that likewise it has been good in your respective locations. I love seeing the pictures of you guys; the more pictures the merrier. The house in Mesa never sleeps, it seems. That's fun that there are visitors and you guys are having fun. 70 degrees sounds hot to me, haha. It was cold in the earlier part of the week (in Ithaca) but this later half really hasn't been bad at all - I'm acclimated/ing I suppose. Snow in Utah sounds normal. That will be fun for Papa and the golf guys to go to Phoenix, per tradition. Congratulations on the home run, Ste. I never had one over the fence like that, pretty sweet! Other than Rachel and Jackson in Mesa, everyone will be getting back in the normal swing of things which will be good too. We've definitely felt the influence of Romney running for president out here in the mission field. I've found that it is such a positive thing! Even for those who come at us with an antagonistic approach, it allows us to resolve their concerns, tear down misconceptions, and teach truth. I found the same thing with The Book of Mormon musical when I was in Albany. Ps, am I registered to vote?
This week has been a great one! Filled with travel and training there hasn't been a minute to spare. Ithaca is a beautiful city! I think it may be the prettiest spot I've seen up here - and all the trees are dead, ha. All of the hills and falls are neat. I didn't see the Lewis' apartment - but we stayed the night at the Elders' apartment which was fun. I thought that the "cry room" adjacent to the chapel with the window was hilarious, ha. I worked in Trumansburgh for a few hours that afternoon. Wednesday we traveled up to Carthage, trained, then continued on up to Potsdam and worked there with the Zone Leaders for the day. It's very rural up in the "North Country." Very different. Especially for my experience as I've only been in wards and each of my areas has had a "city" (other than Schoharie) which brings more hustle and bustle which I enjoy. Then Wednesday we trained in Potsdam, traveled to Plattsburgh and trained there, did a baptismal interview for a couple (so amazing. That's one of the best things, seeing investigators right before they're baptized), and traveled the long journey home. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we worked in Utica. I talked to our investigator Gail (who we found on Christmas Eve and came to church on Christmas) on the phone Saturday and she is loving the Book of Mormon! She is through 1 Nephi and loves when the Lord is speaking - she loved 1 Nephi 3:7 (found it all on her own) and applied it to her life, etc. So cool. Anyway, she came to church yesterday and we had an incredible time! Yesterday morning we got a call that the gospel principles teacher wasn't going to be there so we needed to teach the class. It ended up working great because we were able to teach Gail the restoration! She has great questions and really ate everything up! We are teaching her this Wednesday and I can't wait! She's a very sharp, impressive woman. It's also been fun working with the sisters, or I should say balancing our efforts with the sisters in the Utica ward. It's great to find joy in others' successes. This week ahead will be fun. Binghamton tomorrow, then working in Elmira the rest of the day. Wednesday we're training in the Utica zone. Thursday Rome is coming here and blitzing us. Time is flying by at an incredible pace; I'm having great experiences and learning and growing a lot.
Thanks for all that you do for me. Thank you for keeping in touch. I love you all so much.
Elder Christensen
ps- I got Mom's letter this morning, so I'm getting them. ha thanks :)

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