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Monday, August 29, 2011

It's all by divine design

Dear everyone,

Hey there. How's it going? I hope everyone is doing well. Yes, I am alive despite the crazy weather this week. Here in Rome we didn't have anything too out of the ordinary. It rained all day yesterday but that isn't out of the norm occasionally. I didn't feel the earthquake personally but I know some missionaries that did. I don't know if the weather had negative effects anywhere throughout the mission other than Herkimer County roads were shut down. We had nothing like that here. Elder Farrens has 2 more transfers after this one. Would someone like to tell me a little about Granddad's profession and what he did? Thanks.

I'm a bit limited in my time today due to an interesting experience that just happened. Here at the computer I'm sitting with E. Farrens on my left and a mid-20's girl on my right. She engages me/us and turns out she was baptized about a year ago elsewhere in the mission and recently moved here. She didn't say she is too interested now at this time, not too sure why but we'll try and work it out. What's crazy is while we were talking our phone was vibrating with someone calling and they left a message. It was Sister Bulloch (
literally calling about the very person we just met and were currently speaking with) asking if we knew a member in our ward named Emily and to call her to get more of the story. Emily is the girl I'm sitting next to right now and she mentioned when we were talking that she spoke with Sister Bulloch at Wal Mart the other day. Crazy. Well, not really it's all by divine design. It's amazing to step back and see the Lord at work. So due to all of that/this my time is rather short. This week has been very enjoyable. Elder Farrens and I are continuing to build up our teaching pool and we were blessed to find 3 more investigators this week. We're working a lot with the part-member families and less-active and trying teaching them and finding new people to teach through them. It's been quite successful so far. My exchange in Herkimer was very pleasant. No, there wasn't any crazy cool, ironic story where I ran into a long-lost relative or anything. But it was really cool to feel a connection with an ancestor, especially one who was a convert taught by Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon. On Saturday we had ZLC and Elder Cook of the 70 was there. It was a great training. The synopsis of it is: the only thing/person who can get in the way of the work going forth is myself and in order to not "stay" (D&C 1:4-5) the work is to be a D&C 4 missionary (emphasizing what, to him, it means to serve with all your "heart, might, mind, and strength"). It was very good and we are going around to the District Meetings in the Zone this week to essentially give his training. Yesterday was a great day. We had a baptism, or rather a "rebaptism." A man who asked to have his name removed 7 years ago wanted to come back and this process had been long underway before I arrived but I got to be apart of the tail end and finale. He's a really great guy and looking forward to going to the temple and being sealed with his wife. I've taught him a couple times and we'll continue to teach him a bit while we ween him to home teachers and such. Interestingly enough this week we got a call from an excommunicated member saying he wanted to meet with the bishop and be taught and come back. It's great and he came to church with the woman he's with, both members. Another highlight was a less-active, part-member couple who we met, taught, and had come to church yesterday. Things are really accelerating, it's great. Oh, I gave a talk in Sacrament on Obedience. It went pretty well, I thought. This week ahead looks like it will be a great one. We'll be on a blitz (both E. Farrens and I there) in Oneonta from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday afternoon. It's going well and I'm learning a lot here in Rome.

Today I think we may go golfing with our Ward Mission Leader - either hitting balls or a par-3 course. Should be a good time, it's a beautiful day today. Well I hope that everything continues well wherever you are. I love and appreciate you all so much and thank you for the support.

Elder Christensen

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