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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crazy amazing week!

Michael's Albany District

The special "wide margin" Book of Mormon

Word of Wisdom Discussion

New Apartment
Hey everyone,

This email may be coming as a surprise because of the time it is being surprise! Yes, the libraries were closed yesterday due to Memorial Day and we've been crazy busy today so I just have a few minutes to write you guys. That's so crazy that Stephanie Gifford gave her farewell talk. I thought about that how a year ago last Sunday was my farewell; the thought came about because of my speaking in church that same Sunday as well and how it had been a year. My talk went well, I only had 10 minutes but I talked about the blessings of the 40-day fast for missionary experiences as we were closing the fast that day. That's awesome that Papa got a par on #18 - very impressive! All of the Zone Leaders in our mission are companions with another Zone Leader, so E. Lyman and I are both. I really like it. E. Shrader is, in fact, here in Downtown Albany - saw him today at our District Meeting. So funny he came from being around the Ithaca crew to right here by me. It's so fun. By the way, what is your new address going to be in Ithaca? Could you please send a copy of the picture of me and the darker, Hispanic man? That is the guy I taught in Downtown in Spanish and he really wants a copy of that picture (the DTown Elders keep telling me he wants one for memories, ha). Thanks.

Of all the weeks to be limited on time I can't believe it is this week! I will bullet point all of the events and just bare with me as I try and give you a sampling of this crazy week.

TUE - driving down to Hudson's area to help transporting missionaries, the van makes this awful high-pitched squeek. We're in the middle of nowhere and decide we need to pull over next chance we get. 10 seconds later there is an auto body shop. We get home way late and end up having 5 missionaries at our apartment due to the circumstances.

WED - I worked in Downtown Albany for the day while others went into Utica for transfers. We got in touch with the auto shop after they looked at the van that morning and they reported that nothing was wrong, they drove it around and it was good to go. Ha, crazy. So we got a member to go pick it up. E. Lyman arrives, great stuff. That night I teach Yolanda and Tino (Spanish couple) again. They are incredible!

THUR - Good day with E. Lyman in Albany. On splits I taught Bro. Morris and set him with a date for baptism! Awesome!

FRI - ZLC in Utica.

SAT - Most amazing less-active lesson with a 30ish year old guy. Most sincere prayer I've heard in a long time, so awesome! He wants to come back and is.

SUN - Amazing DAY! Spoke at church, closed 40-day fast. We (or I) set Yolanda and Tino with a date for baptism! A lady called us wanting us to visit. We do and she's the most prepared person ever. From Africa, been here 2 weeks. Lives in apartments where we used to live (interesting). Set her with a date! Most amazing lesson E. Lyman has had on his mission he says. It was really powerful! Driving home from that for the night a deer ran right in front of us (on a pretty urban freeway) and we smashed it. E. Lyman was driving. The van is again jacked. Luckily it's drivable and we'll have it this week and have something figured out next week. The van is cursed.

MON - good pday. We played tennis. Such a blast.

I'm going to teach Bro. Morris tonight on splits really soon should be a great time! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all that you do. It really is incredible that I am hitting my year mark. I can't believe it. Time is flying.

Love always,
Elder Christensen

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