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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is trying to peek its way out

Dear Everyone,
Happy pi day! How's it going with everyone? Here we are on another Monday emailing; it really is pretty crazy how fast time is going and everything, weeks do fly by. This week was incredibly fast. Spring is trying to peek its way out but winter this year is hanging on tough. Finally some rain and warmer temperatures melted a lot of the snow and we see grass for a change, but it's been snowing today since we've been out - luckily it's not sticking. So, we're looking to probably move mid-April. We don't know much more than that; we are going on Wednesday to check it out and see how big of an endeavor this will be to move. Elder Potter is from Coleville, Utah. I had never heard of it but some people out here have; it's about 20ish minutes east of Park City. He has the best, slightest farm drawl accent. I love it. We're saying stuff like "Da-gum" and such, it's great. That's awesome you have been studying Preach My Gospel in Arizona. You can do so much with it as 'everyday' members of the church. I sent a package home today with my extra sheets and some other stuff I don't use and old letters. I know you're in Florida but perhaps tell whoever is getting our mail to look out for that. Thanks. I don't know the new address to the apartment we'll be going into but everything should be sent to the mission office anyway. Thanks so much for the package though, it got to me last Monday and everything in it was fantastic! I love you all so much and really know that you care for me greatly. That's awesome about the Huffs, Paige and Ben, E. Potter knows them and says that's so crazy! ha.
So this week has been a busy and crazy week. It seems like we are always running around with things we need to get done, from the normal missionary items to zone leader items, etc. Last Monday was a good day we taught a part-member family/couple. Gretchen is the woman's name, like mid 20's, and she is the investigator. They're awesome the guy, Uyi, is from Africa. They're involved in a burdensome court case right now that is really time consuming but we are seeing some progress which is great. Tuesday we gave 2 trainings at District Meetings. The focus right now is finding and how we need to talk with everyone and how we can use various sources to find new people. We've really been applying it ourselves and have had several neat experiences talking with people in the gas station, oil change place, family history center, etc. In fact, yeah; we were finishing up a report on the computer at the family history center in our building and a woman was in there we talked to who is really interested in the church and wants to learn about it and join. Her daughter is in the hospital now so we weren't able to teach this past week but likely this week we will! Wednesday the highlight is that we taught a less-active family named the Pagans, ha. They're so sweet and totally coming back! We're really excited for them. Thursday we had a Stake Correlation meeting talking about numbers and things in the stake (our zone). President Bulloch came and it was good. Afterward, though, we had to teach him a 10-15 minute lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went fairly well; and he gave us great feedback we can apply. Following I had my interview with him; it was really quick but good. Friday we taught Dennis at the University at Albany in a study room in the library. It reminds me totally of BYU when I'm there it's weird, but cool. He's doing good. And guess what? He expressed how his wife has voiced interest in the 3 kingdoms of glory that she saw in a pamphlet we gave him! How sweet; he's been not so much letting us teach at his house or her so far but it looks like that will change shortly! We had him watch the Plan of Happiness DVD at home with her and he said they both really enjoyed it and want to see it again! Saturday was a great day. E. Potter did a baptismal interview of a sweet guy in Downtown Albany. I'll probably be doing one in the future, kind of crazy to think about. We flipped a coin who would do this past one, ha. Anyway, had another cool experience with meeting/seeing people out here with ties. We had dinner at a young couple's Saturday night and the husband had always looked way familiar. I asked him where he was from and stuff when I first got here but nothing sparked. In talking with them at dinner turns out he was one of my TA's for my psychology class at BYU fall semester, totally remember the guy. It's so funny and such a small world. They are great, recently had moved here, and will help us out a lot. We found a new investigator that night, a former/part member. She's in her 20's, lives with her aunt who is a member, and wants to be baptized. Her name is Myda. That was exciting. Yesterday we had 4 investigators at church! I haven't seen anything like that here since I've been here. Gretchen, Dennis, and Xiamin and Hong came! Everyone had a really uplifting experience, it was ward conference. Really good. We have a bunch of appointments set up for this week and we are optimistic for the future! I know that great things are about to happen here. I'm all settled and comfortable, especially more so with the ward which has been good and is really important. They are going to help us out quite a bit.
Well thanks so much for everything that you do for me! Really I love you all so much and hope life is great where ever you may be...Utah, Arizona, Florida, New York, etc. I hope you have a great week and continue being such a great strength to me! If there is anything I can do for anyone please don't hesitate to let me know! Thanks, I love you!

Elder Christensen

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