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Monday, March 7, 2011

Great being back in Albany

Andrew and Lauren

Dear everyone,

Hey there, how's it going? Last time I was sitting at these computers in the library in Albany I got the call from President about going back to Saratoga, and now here I am again! Crazy. Sounds like everyone had a really good week. I, too, had a really good week. Yes, the weather is somewhat ridiculous. I can't believe there was 15 inches in Ithaca, that is way worse than what we had/ve. Yesterday it was raining all day and this morning we woke up to snow but our van was a solid sheet of ice. Ha, it was crazy. I'm sorry to hear about Jackson bumping his head like that. Hope he's doing better now though and walking all over the place like he has been! So exciting. I can't believe it is already Spring Break either and that you guys are going to Orlando! That will be such a great time, can't wait to hear about it. Way to go Ste in your basketball game, glad you won. And awesome to be on TV! As always it is great to hear from Papa and Nana; hopefully the rain isn't too bothersome and spring is in the air for you guys. Thanks so much for your weekly updates. I haven't received a package yet but I suppose I have something to look forward to when we get back to the apartment today! Thanks. Yeah, E. Potter and I are in the apartment where I was before. It's been great we get along great, work hard, and are doing our best balancing all of our duties and responsibilities as missionaries and as leaders. It's going great. Interestingly enough, though, we found out when we were in Utica on Friday for Zone Leader Council that we are going to be moving to a new apartment. A member here offered a place free of charge over his dental practice where he used to live while his house was being built. The church couldn't turn it down. We've heard it's quite nice so it should be good...basically fully furnished, etc. Only downsides are it isn't as centrally located in our area as our current apartment (or as close to the church which helps us out a lot) and the hassle of moving but spirits are high about it all. Anyway, that was really big and surprising news! Yeah, we do get fed basically every night which is quite nice. It's really funny that Dad asked what we had for dinner last night, I can't wait to share in a bit.

So, my past week was really good. Tuesday after I had the joy of packing (again...) E. Stratton and I went to Wal Mart with Bro Badger. We didn't have a dinner appointment that night so on the way home that topic of conversation happened to come up and he took us out to Wings Over Saratoga and we ate back with the family. I love them so much. We taught Andrew and Lauren that night. They are really, really smart and it's quite fun and always interesting teaching them. Andrew finished the Book of Mormon, Lauren is quite a bit into it. It seems they are a little reluctant to fully dive in it all because of the many and seemingly difficult changes in their lives. They'll come around. Wednesday we basically had a normal work day until E. Potter came with E. Shurtz to do the swap at about 6:00 pm. E. Stratton and I taught some people that day, including the Whitmans who I hadn't seen the whole time I was back because his father is in the hospital in serious condition. It's been great being back in Albany though; it's awesome to know people and remember names of ward members, etc. Thursday was great, nothing too momentous. Friday in Utica at ZLC and we taught an awesome lesson with a young woman in elementary education we tracted into when I was here before! She's awesome and we're excited for the future with her. That night, too, we taught a family we are reactivating, great stuff. Saturday was good. I wish I could share everything but Sunday night we had dinner at the Ward Mission Leader's house, a Chinese family. And we had it set up with two investigators over there, Xiamin and Hong. They're incredible! They had been back in China for over a month and E. Potter and I had never met them before. Xiamin asked for a Bible awhile back and is interested in that. She's committed to church this Sunday! The future is bright and I can't wait to see this area explode!

I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all of the support and strength you give me!

Elder Christensen

PS- Phil Brewer was baptized and confirmed this weekend! I wasn't able to go but it wasn't what was important! Love that guy and am so grateful for the lessons he helped me learn; and also obviously grateful for the help we were able to give in his life! I got him a white button down shirt (his size) before I left to congratulate him figuring I wouldn't be able to go.

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