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Saturday, June 12, 2010

First P-Day in MTC

June 8th, 2010

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well and is happy. It's Tuesday - P-Day! So I realized I am only allowed to write letters on P-day, and that's not just here but throughout my entire mission. So I'll get 30 mins on the computer for email (hardly anytime to read yours and write back), so I'll put most of what I want to say in hand written letters for now. But ya, I hope you're all doing great. The MTC is pretty awesome. We have personal and companion study, classes (kinda more like class time), teaching appointments, gym somedays and service one day a week. The food is fine - basically what I expected, cafeteria with a few different options each day but really not bad. (I forgot exactly what I wrote before so sorry if I repeat stuff)

But my district is sweet. Definitely has its different personalities. Ha. For example, my other 2 roommates just walked in having bought pocket protectors. One is dead serious about it and loving it, and the other one is wearing it as a complete joke. And, I love Elder Shurtz (fyi: he's from Washington State, about my same size). We've got different personalities, but here that's good. He's totally obedient and wants to do good. Its pretty cool, when we teach he is so sincere.

Anyway, I'm doing well still - basically one week down! I'm getting the hang of everything but definitely still don't know everything going on around here. But since I'm District Leader, everyone asks me stuff that's going on and where to be, what we need to wear (ie some stuff you need a suit coat etc.) and stuff like that. But it's good - I know I'm supposed to be here helping and serving them. I think all my missionary gear stuff is good - at least so far. I've been sleeping well and everything. It's sort of a weird feeling how temporary this place is for me - so I don't want to get too comfortable and settled here, but you want to get certainly enough to get by. I don't have a "favorite class" I guess because we don't really have classes but certainly my favorite teacher (we have 2) is Brother Davis.

I see so many people I know though, it's awesome - other Elders I knew from school and employees (Larry Mecham, Adam Killpack, and some more)/ I love hearing from you all though - so please keep the letters and "Dear-Elders" coming!

I love and miss you all.

Elder Christensen

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