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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

By divine design

Last picture with Elder Farrens

Dear everyone,

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a great day today. It's very fun/funny thinking back on last year's Halloween in Saratoga Springs with Elder Stratton - time flies it's pretty crazy that that was an entire year ago. I'm not surprised at all that you already know about Elder Farrens leaving and me getting a new companion here in Rome. His name is Elder Becerrill, from Salt Lake area (went to Cypress High School). He was in a three-some due to circumstances and so with an opening in Utica, Elder Farrens went there and E. Becerrill slid on over here at least until the end of this transfer. I have no idea if he will stay here for the upcoming transfer or what. He is a great guy, been out since February. We talked with President about it when we were at the mission home making the swap yesterday. It was cool talking with him and the trust I feel he has in me. He mentioned all of the 'different' circumstances I've been in and how he can count on me in these weirdish situations. I got the note from Paige and Ben yesterday, too; thanks for the love. The encounter with Elder Williams' mom was pretty crazy. Elder Farrens and I were on our way back to Rome from Oneonta (having just done a baptismal interview for a guy getting baptized there) and needed to get more copies of the Book of Mormon so we swung by the Mission Office to get some. Sister Williams was pulling out of the parking lot as we pulled in and then came back around to meet us and grab a picture. Very crazy the timing of it all. Pretty cool. It's great to hear from Namukolo! I actually talked to Elder Miller the other day and he had been on exchange in Albany and taught Namukolo and said she's the most solid convert he's met! She really is amazing. It was also neat to hear that Dawn (mother who I taught and baptized in Saratoga), her mother is being taught and going to be baptized in November! The ripple effect is already starting to take place, how cool. Sorry to hear that winter is kicking in over in Utah. We didn't get any snow here, although it's cold; we saw snow as we drove down to Oneonta, though. I shared last year on Halloween how we were tracting at like 1pm (sun shining brightly) and the guy at home figured we were trick or treating, ha; it's for that reason and others that we've been advised to stay in tonight and organize stuff/do other productive missionary things inside.

The work is continuing to progress in Rome. Lois had a very successful interview on Tuesday! She is all lined up for her baptismal service this Saturday at 1! I'm really excited to meet her nephew from Mesa. On Friday night we will be eating over there with those 2 and others in Lois' family (that she's wanting to share the Gospel with), it will be great! She is looking forward to her baptism so much, I'm so happy for her. We set another baptismal date this week, a 10 year old we are teaching - who's parents are less-active members. It's really fun teaching him we've taught almost all of the principles with either an analogy he can relate to or a demonstration of some kind. He's planning on Dec. 10. The family is doing really well, as we want this to be a process to unite and strengthen the whole family. Things, slowly but surely, are falling into place with the work here in Rome. We had other great lessons with people we are teaching. I feel blessed to be able to be worthy of, receive, recognize, and act upon the influence and prompting of the Holy Ghost. There isn't much better than feeling the assurance that what I'm about to do is by divine design.

I hope you all continue to be well and can feel of my love and appreciation for you.

Elder Christensen

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