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Monday, June 13, 2011

All things work together for good to them that love God

Dear everyone,
Hello, how is everyone doing? It's a beautiful day here in the Albany area. I appreciate all of the emails and shout outs. I'm glad that everyone seems to be doing well and is happy. That is exciting about the upcoming trips and such. I hope you all have a wonderful time. Things have been really good here as well. Ste, sorry about the disappointment with the baseball game. It sounds like you did really well though, and that always feels good. For exercise here in the morning we go outside and I either run around or we hit the tennis ball back and forth or play some basketball. Our apartment is legit. Well, actually...hilarious story this morning (there is never a dull moment). The toilet breaks (not even clogged but something weird) and water overflows onto the ground. We get a knock on our door and it's our 'landlady' (the member's wife) and she said water was dripping on her while she was sitting at the front desk of the dental office right downstairs. Ay yi yi...her husband comes up shortly thereafter and he explains how across the bathroom floor there is a vent and it is right above the front desk downstairs and the toilet water was going through and going all over! HA. That shook up our typical morning routine. I can't believe Corey Oaks is home and that James Kempton is coming home soon. Wow. That's really cool for Jordan Gerard, he's a great leader.
This week has been really really good. On Monday evening we went to the Rudat family for our appointment. They met us outside as we were walking up and in the most polite and cordial way told us they weren't going to investigate anymore right now. It's really sweet, though, how cool they were about it and they then explained how they wanted us (or the other missionaries in the future) to keep in contact periodically because they've loved what we've taught and it's really helped them but they are just so attached at their current church it's too difficult to change now. But that their pastor is going to be retiring within the next year so they have a good chance of converting at that point. That was really good to hear; it's neat to think that these people I teach now who may not accept by way of baptism now, perhaps will later - and that I was a part of that. Tuesday we had a good District Meeting. We taught Namukolo with the soon-to-be missionary; she's incredible and doing so well. We taught the Word of Wisdom and she loved it. We also taught to brothers who are less-active later in the day. It was quite heart-wrenching because one of them is a RM who has absolutely no testimony of the church, Jesus Christ, and God. That blew me away. I don't understand how you can do this and deviate from it later. It doesn't make sense. I think it really hit E. Lyman hard because he is returning home soon. Wednesday was a nice day. I worked with one of the Assistants and we taught the Donovans. Only the mom and the 10 year-old were there; we taught the Word of Wisdom and it went great. Thursday was interesting. Long story short, the Assistants were working with us from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday afternoon. This wasn't the original plan so we had to adjust some things and Thursday I had no set appointments or anything (that hasn't happened in a loong time). I was going to be working with Elder Johnson (he's been an Assistant for 4 transfers, this is his last, not too common). In the morning I studied hope and how everything works for good for those who love God (Romans 8:28 - currently one of my favorites). The day turned out great; we even found and taught a new investigator! We swapped out our van and are driving a Corolla. They took the van back to mission headquarters. I had an interview with President Thursday late afternoon. I love him so much and it went so well. He's awesome. We had a testimony meeting with the Westphals that went really well. He's ready to be baptized it's just so hard to teach and push him. He (saying it sarcastically but the results really are true) 'believes' in the laws of physics - to everything there is an equal and opposite reaction. That relating it to us inviting/encouraging/pushing to be baptized. He'll come around soon, I know. Friday I was on an exchange and I stayed here in Albany. We taught like crazy and it was a really good day. Saturday we switched back in the early afternoon. We taught the whole Donovan family and reviewed the Word of Wisdom with them all there. Got a little intense but it turned out well. Sunday, we had 6 investigators at church! That's pretty snazzy. It was really great and everyone seemed to have a great time; ha, our Gospel Principles class was packed. After church we taught the less active Santana family and had awesome good and a great lesson. Sis. Santana has been coming to church the last few weeks! After we had dinner at a members and we had Namukolo come. Bless her heart, she is from Zambia (been here 4 weeks now) and wasn't familiar with mashed potatoes, rice crispy treats, and even our typical salad. She enjoyed it all, though, and it was a really good time. Elder Lyman and I are doing great and having a really good time together. I hope to help him have a really positive taste in his mouth when he leaves the mission field.
Everything is great. Thanks for all that you do in my behalf; I love you all so very much.

Elder Christensen

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