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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running 100 mph

Dear Everyone,
Hey, how's it going? I'm glad to hear that everyone's Easter weekend was celebrated in style and of course by honoring our Resurrected Savior. It really is insane that April is essentially over! Thanks so much for the Easter basket; it got to me in time and I was able to open it and such yesterday morning. It's all great and I wore the tie yesterday as well, of course. Yes, I got the letter Mom sent on 4/13 and glad that you made mention you didn't send one this past week in addition to the Easter things because I hadn't received one. We're basically all settled in the new apartment and it is so nice. It may be interesting, though, the mail situation because the owner/dentist has his PO box (my apartment mailing address) checked each working day, and he said he does Saturdays as well but I'm not sure because he's not in the office. So I'm not sure if things arrive on Saturdays here that I'll get them until Monday afternoons when we return after emailing and things. I suppose we'll see; Mom, if sending your letter earlier is possible it may just ensure I get it before I email on Mondays. If not, that's perfectly alright. You can try whatever you'd like this week and we'll see when it gets to me. Our Easter meal at a member's sounded quite similar to most of yours. We had ham, this sweet potato casserole side, rolls, etc. Quite good. That's great those in Mesa went to the Easter Pageant (or the "Easter Egg Pageant" from Ste ;) ). That's so awesome; I'm a little jealous. Ste what you wrote in the Easter card couldn't help but make me laugh. Nice work. I'm excited for that man to be baptized in Florida! And that's great you've been a part of it and will be a part of the baptismal service. Always such a nice Spirit is in attendance there. The Utah weather sounds a little tiresome, sorry about that. Papa, I'm glad you're continuing to have Country Club bacon! I don't need any here; thanks so much though. We can definitely make calling after 3pm our time work. We have Zone Conference tomorrow and I was told President will talk about our calling and stuff there so I'm hoping to find out any "rules" regarding the call. I'll let you know next week. We're looking at what we have already planned next week and after dinner our time will likely be the time (anywhere 6pm-9pm our time). Again, we'll pin-point it next week. There are 12 units in the Albany Stake, Paige, with missionaries in each of the units. We're pretty busy with all of that. Could it be possible to have some stamps sent to me in a letter? I'm running low. Thanks. I'm very glad you got my journal, Mom; hopefully it is as meaningful to you as it is me already. Writing every night certainly has been a challenge but I've remained faithful and true! Ha.

My, what a week it has been. I'll run through it all to give you a sampling taste. Things are really going great in the area and with Elder Potter. It seems like we literally are running 100mph all of the time balancing all of the many things we've got going on. I'm learning and building upon so many valuable lessons and character traits such as patience, teamwork, etc. On Monday we found a new investigator, Bro. Morris. He's a sweet guy in his 30's we tracted into a few weeks before and just stopped by and he let us right in to teach a lesson. I really connect with him well. He's looking for a church already and knows he needs to make God a bigger part of his life. Really excited for him. Tuesday we were running all over from 2 District Meetings training the missionaries there. They went well I feel; we trained on the importance of charity in the work. I feel I got so much out of the training in preparing it and giving it. Without charity, all of the missionaries 'things' we do are just checklist items, really. Something I'm desirous to improve and have been improving. Wednesday we had another District Meeting. Also we found a new investigator. I had a feeling to call a potential investigator we talked to the day before and she was available and desirous to be taught right away. We were right in her area, drove on over, and were able to teach the Restoration. Bro. Pascher is still amazing as ever. He has seen so many blessings in his life recently with all of the changes he's been making. We have his baptismal interview scheduled this Friday! And the service is still planned on May 7. Thursday we taught Sis. Hou. She's still doing quite well. We were able to get her a King James Version of the Bible in Chinese for her which I feel will help her out greatly. She hasn't been using the most ideal translation for teaching hand-in-hand with the Book of Mormon. Friday I was in Utica for ZLC. It was really intense as the meeting started at 9am on Good Friday. The day and essentially the time the Savior was nailed to the cross. We had a great, spirit-filled meeting. Saturday we traveled to 2 different areas for baptismal interviews. I did one for a woman in her late 20's. It was quite the experience; I learned it was most important to be aware of my feelings and the Spirit while interviewing her. She was ready. Easter Sunday was one of the sweetest days ever. I've had my testimony of the divinity and reality of the Resurrected Christ strengthened so much. My eyes have been opened and my understanding enlightened. A sister in the ward gave, what I thought, was one of the best talks I've heard in Sacrament. I'm sure that just had to do with me being more in tune, but nonetheless I thought it was great. One of the points she made was comparing the hype of Christmas to Easter. How celebrating the birth of Jesus is less dependent on faith, while for Him to be resurrected certainly requires faith. To go more into it would do it much more justice but in short all of it was fantastic. This week will be insane. Tomorrow is Zone Conference and we just got the training we're supposed to do for it at ZLC. Our Zone Conference is the first one in the mission; our time to prepare is very minimal. Also, we'll be van-less Wednesday and Thursday as it will be getting repaired. Arrangements for that have been very involved. And finally we need to get our old apartment cleaned and inspected by the 30th. Busy Busy Busy but we're managing it all well and trying to do so in a Christlike way.

I'm so grateful for all that you do for me! Thanks for your support and love. I love you all so much! Have a great week!


Elder Christensen

PS-pictures will come shortly. Thanks for the new card and case. We'll protect these ones. And I got the contacts, thanks so much!

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