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Monday, February 7, 2011

Where's Michael?

Dear Everyone,

Hey there. Once again. it's me from Albany, New York. It sounds like everyone is doing great! Man, I'm not sure where to start with this I have so many thoughts going through my head! That is so crazy and exciting about Jean! Holy cow! I can't wait! I thought it was crazy enough the prayer at the Christmas Devotional - but now we get a full serving! So excited; I was already stoked for Conference but now I can't wait! As far as the pants go, a size 32 waist would be fine if you can't find a 33. I think I weigh like 150-5? HA. I'm really probably a size 32 but the ones I'm wearing now are 33. That's exciting about all of the fun stuff that happened this week: the Suns games and such! Way to be. Yeah, it was a little difficult yesterday with the Superbowl and of course we were out tracting at that time. But I know that no effort is wasted out here, and as we simply do our best the Lord will bless us and others. It's very literally the law of the harvest. That's intense about all of the cold. It really hasn't been too bad here; and weird about the golf tournament. I can remember being there last year waiting to get my mission call! Sweet. On that, though, I appreciate how much you guys like to keep me informed and everything but as far as which golf tournament is happening and other sporting events I'm not too concerned about it (and would prefer to not be distracted by it. :) I found myself thinking a couple times this week how the phx open was probably happening right then, etc..and that's something I (and the Lord) would prefer to avoid. Thanks so much though). I do love hearing about Ste's games and such, way to go man! I have a random favor. Someone, next time they go to the Mesa temple if they could get a 2011 schedule card with the picture on it that'd be awesome, and send it in a letter or something. (no real rush). I just like having them on my desk, I have the Provo from '09 when I was there then the Salt Lake from '10. I don't know, random. Thanks. Glad that dinner in Ithaca with the missionaries was good. That's awesome you are making profiles! Way to be. We've been using that tool quite a bit and it's awesome. Real quick that was cool in Ben Killpacks email his new companion is from Alta High so is E. Boyakin and he knows (at least of) him.
So this week was a good week all around. We had a great time at Zone Conference. There was a huge storm that day and about everyone arrived late which was really unfortunate and we ended a little early so people could drive slowly and safely back to their areas. All of the trainings were really good though. Ours went pretty good although all but 2 of the members we had coming to help with the tracting practice didn't come or weren't able to make it because of the bad weather. It all worked out, though, and it seemed that everyone got a lot from it. We are given an outline of what to train on in Zone Conferences from the Assistants. And we practice and work on our skills always, it's never like we are too good to be able to improve so it was really good. Again this week we definitely still faced quite a bit of opposition in addition to some sweet things. On Wednesday all of our appointments fell through which was a real bummer but we were still able to be effective nonetheless. Two times this week we were able to get a member to come out with us for a teaching appointment in the middle of the day, which is really hard, and both times the appointment fell through. There were just simple frustrations this week that really kept us in check and humble. Thursday night, though, on splits we were able to teach 2 sweet lessons. The one I went to with Elder Potter was a member named Uyi from Africa and we taught he and his non-member girlfriend. She is really awesome and we're excited to see her progress in the future. Friday we were able to see Dennis (currently now our only investigator with a baptismal date) at the University of Albany where he works. He is really sincere and has some pretty interesting questions. He's felt the spirit and knows that all of this is good but at times he is too, as he puts it, "academic about it." We look forward to seeing him this Wednesday, though. We were able to set up a ton of appointments for this week ahead last week that we are so stoked about. We have really slimmed down our teaching pool and really are looking to find those who will receive us and progress in this Gospel. Saturday was rough, too, with everything falling through and rain, yes rain. It turned everything to ice which made it really slippery. And I'm happy to report that although E. Potter and E. Boyakin (2x) fell, I have yet to do so. Yesterday we found ourselves tracting quite a bit as well and I just kind of felt 'bleh' all day - not really sick, just bleh. We worked hard though. I feel great today and am so excited about the good stuff on the horizon. We are all getting along well here together; it is such a blast to be in a tripanionship.
I have a question or I guess something I'd like someone to look into for me. I've heard the phrase that the night is darkest right before the sunrise...or something to that extent. Is that a true phenomenon? If so, why? what's the deal with it all? I don't know why but I felt like asking that last night in my email today.
WOAH!!! I just got a phone call from President Bulloch literally right now. Elder Stratton's current companion is going to be going home. He's been struggling and one of us here is going to be going to Saratoga Springs for the rest of the transfer. By the sounds of it it will likely be me with simply knowing the area and such but President said we can council about it and see what would be best, with things happening here in our area as well and such. So we are going to decide that here right now and get back to him. So, I don't think you should send a letter to this address this week. We'll see where I am next Monday! Who knows. It's likely me, but I don't know. I'm willing to do anything to help this work go forth. It's simply only a temporary fix, as President put it, and whoever goes there will likely come back or go be a Zone Leader elsewhere. Woah. Out of time on the computer, sorry!
I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week! You are all the best!

Elder Christensen

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