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Monday, November 15, 2010

Anxiously engaged in a good cause


Hello there! Yes; I'm alive although I am emailing later than I typically do. Today for Pday the Greenwich elders, our next door neighbors, came over and we hit the town. We went to the mall, TJ Maxx, Wal Mart, all that fun stuff. It was a good time. Then after that I had a dentist appointment at Bishop Dennis' practice. So sweet. I'm going to go back to have sealants done and perhaps a filling too. It was really sweet though and awesome I could do that. I'm glad that my emails meet your desires and you're pleased with them; I'll try and do my best to continue providing adequate info about my happenings. Sounds like everyone had a good week. Another week, gone. Crazy. I can't believe the Jennings went on that trip. How cool! The pictures look awesome, thanks! That's awesome that Ste scored in his soccer games! Way to go. And I haven't got his letter yet; although it's likely it came today I haven't been home since the mail came. Excited! Mom, did your email infer that Kristi Oaks is getting married? So yeah, the Badgers ARE awesome. I've been thinking that same thing of what I/we could do for them. Sister Badger is pregnant and expecting a daughter early January. Although they'll probably get quite a bit of baby stuff for Christmas I bet they'd appreciate something in that regard? That's really nice though, thanks. I could always use more stamps; if someone is looking for something to easily put in an envelope. Those pine cone Forever's are awesome. If not, no worries. You guys are already doing more than your fair share back on the home front. Thank you for all that you do.

Anyway, this week was another good week. Perhaps not quite as 'eventful' as last week but still great nonetheless. On Monday we got our first snow! It was quite a bit, I'd guess 3 inches and it stayed overnight but melted Tuesday. Since then this past week has been really quite nice weather. Tuesday was a spiritual feast - we had Zone Conference. I can't believe it was only my second one. (They used to have one every transfer but now it's every other; and the all-mission conference postponed it another transfer). But wow, it was so awesome! I love President and Sister Bulloch so much. The gist of the whole thing was really intense - all of the other "mission rules" that were in effect outside of those in the white handbook are hereby no longer. At his Mission President conference a few weeks ago, President Bulloch was encouraged along with all of the other mission presidents to throw away all other rules in addition to the white handbook (ie. only motab and hymns), if they felt their missionaries could handle it. He went on to tell us that he lately has been pondering and searching for ways to accelerate the progress of the mission and the things happening here. He also told us when he was set apart by an apostle he was told numerous times to "trust your missionaries." So this is the course he's taking. The principle behind it is actually really profound, true, and something I had actually just read the day before in the Book of Mormon. In Alma 32: 13-15. Essentially, as we righteously use our agency we have the ability to be "much more blessed" (vs. 15). He said how he wants these blessings here. As we aren't "commanded in all things" and are "anxiously engaged in a good cause" we are more blessed (see D&C 58: 26-29). It was really deep and powerful. We're now going to have the capability to text on our cell phones. Really cool. He told us how there will be casualties now with this greater ability to choose how to conduct ourselves. But again, it is as we see how close to Christ we can come rather than how far away we can act while still being considered 'good' where the greater blessings are to be had. I'm excited for all of these things. To be honest it won't really change my course of action or thought in 'feeling justified' getting away with certain things because it, life, truly is all about how close to Christ we can come. That's achieved, in any part of life, through diligence and obedience. Simple as that. Anyway, off my soapbox. The rest of the week went smoothly although we really did have quite a few appointments fall through. It was unfortunate and we were unable to see some of our investigators this week but I feel they're still doing well for the most part. We're going to see Dawn and Sophia tonight - Dawn's been sick and haven't seen them for almost 2 weeks now (other than at church). Sandra, the sister of Phil who I wrote about last week, is doing really well. We went over there last night to see them a second time this week and unfortunately she wasn't there but we taught Phil the Word of Wisdom because it's something really holding him back. And we got to see him dump out all of his alcohol which was pretty cool. Nine year old Jesse is doing well, he and his family weren't at church this week but hopefully it's not a big deal. Shawn and Shawn Jr are awesome still. We did find out about a girlfriend in the picture, though, as she showed up at church with them this week which was really exciting. We're going to have to move their baptismal date back perhaps a week or so but they're aware and still planning on baptism. Hopefully the girlfriend, Nicole, had a good time and we can start teaching her officially now too. Overall it was a good week; we're still plugging along here having a good time. Certainly focusing on finding joy in the journey, that's huge. I really do love it here, it's a wonderful place to be. And hard may it be to be without a car, the members truly save us so much and are incredibly helpful. It really feels like I'm a part of the ward family, which is really neat. I fit in here it seems.

I honestly don't know what else to say other than I'm doing well here and no need to worry about me. I hope you all are doing well and continue to do well; if there is anything I can do for anyone let me know. I hope you have a great week and make the effort to give adequate time to the Savior and the important things this week. I love you all and appreciate everything you do for me.

Love always,

Elder Christensen

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