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Monday, October 18, 2010

These things are true because they work

Dear everyone,

Hey there. I hope everyone is doing well and things are swell wherever you are. Things are good here in Saratoga Springs; as a whole this week was pretty good. Some awesome days, some longer days. AND this week was made better because of the awesome mail I received. Papa and Nana thank you so much for the incredibly thoughtful box, that was so nice and everything in it is fantastic! Sheffield's too! Thank you so much Kim Kelly Drue & Sarah, the goodies and nice letters are really appreciated and mean a lot! Ste thanks for the letter bro! Don't be thinking you're some ladies man now, though. haha silent reading tag, ay yi yi funny. And as faithful as always, I got Mom's letter! I truly do appreciate your letters and the things you write each week, thank you. So skunk miracle is complete. My suit pants were dry cleaned for a whopping total of $1.35 because of the member owned place in Albany, I just need to get them back when I see the Zone Leaders next. Speaking of which, it's likely I'll see them because yes transfers are already next week and therefore transfer calls this Saturday. Elder DB has been here 3 transfers now, and no I'm not his first Jr. Companion. It sounds like Lake Powell was a blast! Way cool, that's awesome. And Ste balled it up at the Suns game, nice. I hope that Tyler had a great birthday and that Nana will have a great birthday! Oh yeah, and I appreciate the offer but I wouldn't have a need for those bookmarks, Nana; we have quite a bit of different supplies out here, but thank you! Stake Conference two weeks ago was awesome. Great seeing E. Lyman and the Dutchers. I guess I failed to mention the Stake President out here is actually really close with the Dutchers and hooked them up with a private interview with Elder Grow right before Stake Conference. I talked to them afterward and they really enjoyed it. I believe Sister Dutcher is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday! Hopefully she has fully committed like she says she will and needs to and does it! We'll wait and see I suppose. We get copies of the Ensign but thanks, I appreciate it. I got the contacts rebate in the mail. Yeah, the Badgers are so legit. Such a blessing and help to us. They picked up Chipotle for dinner for us this week..haa. And we're actually teaching them and I think it's really beneficial to prepare them to be temple married. They have 2 daughters and one on the way. Perhaps I should get a picture soon and you can know who I'm talking about all the time. Can someone find Jordan Richardson's mission home address? As well as Jake Terry's? Terry's should be on his facebook if you look it up from mine.

But like I said before this week overall was pretty good. There were some better days than others but nothing bad at all. So last Monday evening we had interviews with President. I love him so much. Elder Grow when he was here made the point how not only were we called to serve here in New York for specific people here but we were called to serve (and to go even deeper: foreordained before this world even was) specifically with President Bulloch. I couldn't agree more and appreciate this knowledge. He is so positive and loving; not intimidating like I had perhaps thought it may be. Anyway, it was a great interview and he gave me some wonderful insights with regards to knowing my current situation and things I'm going through. Tuesday we had District Meeting and President trained us there, it was way good; he's such a captivating teacher, hence that's what he does/did. We went on exchange afterward and I came back to Toga with E. Waldron. President and Sister Bulloch gave us a ride and because we had to cancel our dinner appointment for him to interview other people after District Meeting they took us out to eat. ha, Where did they take us? Panera Bread, aww yea. I was cracking up. Sidenote: Ithaca residents, at Stake Conference be SURE to go and talk to President and Sister Bulloch. They're speaking and want to meet you guys.

So the 'miracle' Griffins who moved from Vegas. I wouldn't exactly spell out that they are G-O-L-D-E-N, but nonetheless promising. She wants to be baptized, but has some things we are going to try and help her overcome. Her fiance, not husband, wasn't too interested when we went over there but was busy leaving some where so we haven't really spoken with him. We're going to see her tomorrow and she said she was going to talk with him, and we'll map out what needs to happen for her, and hopefully them, to be baptized, and more importantly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Perhaps the most exciting thing this week was teaching a woman named Dawn and her 11 year old daughter Sophia. They are a referral and friend of a family in the ward. We set these two with a baptismal date of 12/4. They were very excited and looking for a change in their life. Talking to her member friend Dawn asked does being baptized mean specifically that I become a member of your church? She said yes. Dawn said, oh alright, cool. Ha, she's very promising; and even better yet we are teaching them tonight but also she said her 14 year old son will be there and we plan on getting him in on it all. Happy. So I guess other new things here on the mission front is teaching another friend of this member family, Karie. She's been taught before but truly felt the Spirit when we first taught her and she recognized it. We plan on teaching her this week. The Phelan family is doing alright; their daughter is still going through a stressful time figuring out what is up with her heart but we were able to sit down with the parents alone and read Alma 32 with them. They really enjoyed it, but we're trying to get them to act more on these things. Other than that basically things are the same around here. I realize pretty often that my knowledge of the Gospel is pretty shallow but thanks to my testimony, the Spiritual - and very real - witness that I have that these things are true keeps me going. And that's all we need to start. I know that these things are true because they work. I know that they work because they are true. I love this Gospel and desire to learn all that I can about it; more importantly I feel, though, we need to live it. Have the courage and faith to do what you know is right. If you're not sure whether something is from God or right, go ahead and try it. Act upon it and see for yourself; for you receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. My best wishes and prayers are with you all and I hope you have a great week.

I love you and appreciate everything you do in my behalf.


Elder Christensen

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