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Monday, September 6, 2010

Take every chance there is to talk to everyone

Greetings everybody and Happy Labor Day-

It's pretty funny how holidays are such a blur and unnoticed really out here, ha! But it was so good to hear from everyone today. I appreciate it so much. I'm glad the Florida outing was successful and it sounds like the new house is way cool; I'm so happy for you guys. Awesome that Annie comes home and you're going up there, that'll be great to see and hear from her. I've only been out this short while (though yes 3 month mark was on the 2nd - cuhrazzie!) and it's already pretty weird to think about going home, so I can't imagine what it'll be like for her coming home and seeing the whole family up there, ha! So golf was really fun last Monday, it was so great to get out and do that. My clubs were decent but old-skool and it was warm. Had a birdie but other than that pretty uneventful day probably shot 42-44, just enjoyed being out and helped E. Lyman; he got around better than I anticipated which made it nice! Then today is crazy, yesterday we finagled another golf game, here at Cobleskill Country Club (semi-private) ! We're playing with the way good cook member we ate at last Sunday and his father-in-law, who designed the back nine of this course! So cool - we may get hooked up there, we'll see! I'm renting clubs there. Then later we're playing tennis with Brother Dutcher, he's hard-kore. Should be AWESOME today. But not much time to write letters today, sorry, we'll see how it goes though! It's so nice to get out and do stuff like this, man! It certainly allows you to focus more throughout the week, too. Speaking of which, in my next package you send can you send a polo that I can golf in in the future and my khaki polo shorts? Thanks. And I'll try to send my messed up memory card home today. My camera can't read it, so glad you have all of those pictures! phew. Thanks for the awesome letter Ste!! You're the bomb! I'll write you back as soon as I get a chance but know I love you tons! The pictures of Jackson are so awesome! He's huge! What a stud! Way to go Jennings.

This week has been a pretty sweet week. We have 6 investigators with baptismal dates right now! But before that, it was the end of the month this week so we were short on miles and guess what...we whipped out the bikes for a day! It was so hilarious to be riding around with a helmet and shirt and tie. It was burning hot but it was a good time, ha! This week we weren't able to sit down and teach too many "lessons" but we had a lot of good fellow shipping experiences and found 3 new investigators this week! One was a 23 year old girl named Liz who came up to us and asked us what the heck we were doing (we were ballin on the bikes at that time). We were able to teach her the first lesson right then and there. Others we met are Ronnie and Ed. We'll invite them with baptismal dates this week if we hopefully see them. Another sweet investigator we have and set with a baptismal date this week is a man named Roland. He's probably in his 70's, he's a little bit slower (we think perhaps he had a stroke) but is very competent and very accepting. We were thoughtful and prayerful whether to continue with him (if he's accountable enough, etc.) and we both felt that we should. He came to all 3 hours of church and loved it, he has friends there now, and it's just a wonderful situation with him! It's so crazy to think had we not just opened our mouth when we saw him on the street he wouldn't have this opportunity (at this time). So cool. There are so many instances looking back that I realize how important it is to take every chance there is to talk to everyone because you have no idea who will accept or want to learn more. So great. We set Sister Dutcher with a date this week! October 23 is the day. We hiked Vroman's Nose with them (check it out, it's sweet) and had a lesson afterward. They're so strong and will be sealed in the temple. Our investigator named John, the rough guy I had my first lesson with, is getting so excited about the gospel. He's way into, way-into, the church DVD's we've watched with him and given him. He loves it and wants to "climb the ladder." It's a very long ladder and involves first presidency approval, etc but it would be so incredible if he continues faithful. He had us over for a BBQ too this week, it was hilarious. Friday was rough, we didn't have time really to plan the day out so we roughly planned and it was no bueno. On top of that I felt that we should do something later in the day but we ended up trying it in the morning and it was a waste of about an hour because it didn't work out til later in the day. (helping a less-active, part-member couple set up stuff for a wedding in their yard that we want to teach). Anyway I realized I hadn't listened fully to a prompting I received and the day simply didn't go as well as it could have, lesson learned. Hopefully I can use that and follow more faithfully and stop trying to distinguish my thoughts from the spirit. As Elder Bednar taught, as we are on the path, trying to do what's right we will be prompted by the Spirit whether it comes literally as naturally as our own thought-processes or something profound.

Church yesterday was special. Basically the general theme of everyone's testimony was missionary work! The whole ward is behind us, and spoke very highly of us and the work that we're trying to have go forth. It was so cool and a boost that we're at least doing something right! Then we had to break out our sweaters last night because it was a little chilly. The leaves are slightly starting to change, I'm so excited to see autumn here! I'll send pictures in my next email, I forgot my cord today to hook it up.

Simply know that I love all of you so much and appreciate your love and support dearly. I apologize I can't write often or as much as I'd like but know your letters mean so much and it's so wonderful to get them. I know that this is the most important work I'm involved in, and we all need to be involved in it.

I love you and pray for you always! May the Lord be with you.

Elder Christensen

ps- I got your letters dad, thanks! I love you so much. Got to go tee off. ;)

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